Thursday, December 11, 2008

Classmate Presentation

I got so many valuable information I got from classmate presentation. Eli Dadia introduce us the Pets places website which is for pet owner’s social network and cyber community. Currently they have 5500 members from all over the world. All pet owners are free to sign up for the site so that they will get free photo gallery, blog, profile page and pet member groups. Pet owners can exchange information and invite people to their group or blog. They have forums that people can share the information such as chew toy, training tips and puppy pictures. They also notices people upcoming pet event worldwide. People also can share the tips how to diagnose a pet's illness. So that pet owner checks the pet health condition and can find the solution for it. They provided the match making for pets. They adopt the pet to right person and right place. The petplace sell the pet goods. The Pet Place is the place provides pet contents business which the owner of pet could have a online social network related to their pet.

Impact of New Media in Korea

The purpose of the presentation is to share and inform how new media impact in Korea. Since Korea is geographically small country, the internet technology and new media spread to society rapidly. In 1998, the president of Korea, Kim Daejung, decided to invest huge amount of government budget into establish IT environment, such as DMB(Digital Multi-media Broadcasting) Also at that time, the government assigned the “Taeheranro” as IT village, which is similar to Silicon Valley. In this era, Korea built the basic infrastructure of Korean IT environment. Current Korean Internet Population is approximately 34.8 million. New Media impact many field of Korean society, such as Marketing (advertisement), Politics, Education, Social Network and Public Safety.
The New Media impact Advertisement market. In 2007, the entire media advertisement market was $38.9 billion. The old media ad, such as TV, Magazine, radio and Cable TV ad, in 2007 was 18.9 billion dollar and the portion was only 58.2% which was decreased from 74.9% in 1997. On the other hand, new media ad, such as key word ad, banner and email, was 850 million and the portion was 12.8 % which was increased from 1.5% in 1997. The market leading portal company, Naver, announced that revenue of keyword ad was more than half of their revenue in 2007.
The New Media impact Politics. With New Media, the Korean government aimed to have a close relationship with public. Public can visit the government website and find the information of government such as what they are doing, what is the issue right now and what is their strategy. Also they built government portal website which people can find the information about life of family, life of school, life of employment, health, leisure and life of retirement. Government provides the service for each field and people are able to find the service information from this website. Also government provides the service called “Simmungo”. Simmungo is the service for who think unfairly treated from the society or there is no law protect themselves. People can appeal to government directly. Government agencies will be response for the appeal.
The New Media impact the educational field. Cyber University is cyber based university. There are 17 universities are built since 2002 and there are 76,000 students today. It is continuously increased 14% year by year. It will be the opportunity for people who have full time job, disability or house wife. Tuition of the Cyber University is one third of regular full time student.
New Media changed the way to communicate in Korean Society. Cyworld is the number one cyber community site in Korea. Cyworld is similar to Facebook or Myspace. They provides people website which is easy to build without any computer skills. It was boomed in 2002. 75% of teen to 30th were used Cyworld. Since there was a privacy issue, many people left the Cyworld. However, Cyworld made the function to give owner of the website the authorization to control their users. The owner can define the group of visitors. The owner can give the authority to the group that which pages the group will be able to see. Also the owner can set unknown user could not see any pages. With this function, Cyworld successfully enhance the protection of privacy.
Since the new media and internet technologies are spread to the society there are many of cyber crimes. In 2007, there was 88,847 crime cases were occurred which are cyber fraud, Cyber stalking and hacking. The Korean government made the agency to protect public from cyber crime called “Netian”. Netian protects not only government, company or enterprise but also individual public cases.
Korean Society currently has several issues related to new media. First, there is no restriction of protecting children from violated media. Second, need to have a solution for protecting copyright of digital media. Third, need a solution to reduce the imbalance of using new media. Hi technology devices are necessary to use and access the new media, such as online gaming, accessing to big and high quality media.
In conclusion, even though the culture and the size of the country are different from US. Some of the new media issues and the new media technology could be similar from US case. It would be helpful to know what the other countries’ new media issues and conditions.

New Media War in Korea

I was planned to share this video with my classmate.
However, I spent too much time to explain other staffs during my presentation.

So I posted the video..please take a look this video.

There was a demonstration against government at the beginning of this year.
To suppress the demonstration, Korean government committed violent riot police.
Therefore there were so many people attended to the demonstration got hurt.
However, the government tried to suppress the fact.
The old media(Tv, Newspaper) only reported part of the demonstration, they did not reported that there were people got hurt because of violent riot police.

There was a student brought his camera and Laptop at the demonstration and broadcast the situation real time through UCC website. Finally, people knew how the demonstration was going and what the government did to the demonstration.

Main Point.
I am not pro-demonstration. I did not support them. However, main reason why I would like to share this video is that since the new media spread to the public rapidly, it will be hard to control media by government. People will have more right to speak. People believe that it will make more strengthen and solid democracy in Korea.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's next?

First, the new media will be accessible from integrated device. Today’s mobile phone has functions of not only voice communication but also text messaging, scheduling, GPA, picture viewer, music player, digital camera and internet connection, such as IM, search engine or map. The Apple phone is good example of integrated device. Today, we can easily find people search the information, checking their email, reading news articles or watching Youtube by their mobile. The mobile is not only the communication device anymore. It is easy to expect that next version of the mobile will be added more function to access new media technology, such as a video phone. Maybe someday, people are able to broadcast their UCC real time from their mobile to the website. There is one more example of integrated device which is Cisco New Media Processing Platform LCD. Cisco is developing the LCD make people easier to view video content on many different formats with a new media processing technology. The Cisco announced that the technology allows people live and on demand video sharing across digital signage network, PC and mobile. The platform automatically converts the format of video. It also supports that real time post production and processing capability such as voice and video editing. When it was old media era, there are different device were needed to access each type of old media, such as TV, Radio, Cable TV(cable box) and newspaper(buying paper). Since the New Media is digital contents, it will be accessible from single device, such as I phone or new media platform LCD, to various types of media.
Second, Mozilla added geolocation technology to Firefox. The new plug in called Geode. The function of Geode, geolocation technology is that user can choose the provider and the provider will track the geographical location of yours. The provider will provide the local area information where the user located. They also mentioned that they are only traceable the user who give them to permission. In the other word, they are able to trace anyone if they needed.
The innovation of New Media will change business model in various field. Since the new media spread to society rapidly, the new media replaced the old media. Instead of buying new paper, people are watching the new by their laptop or mobile. Instead of watching regular show on TV, people are watching TV show online and whenever they want to. As John, classmate, presented today’s his presentation, Old Media companies are forced to change a strategy of their business and change a business models. In fact, one of the old media company, Tribune, reported chapter 11. From the article, Nat Worden, he mentioned that new media companies can approach their prospecting company with much cheaper ad price than old media when the old media has been struggle because of the recession of the economy. It is forced them to change their strategy of the business and business model. Also new media not only changes the exsiting company's business model but also will create a lot of new business model, too.


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Monday, December 1, 2008

Advice to Baruch College

I. Create more online education opportunity
Currently, we have a couple of mixed online&offline classes.
Since we are living in busy daily life(Job & School),
it will provide more educational oppotunity if creates more online courses.

II. Online Tutorial
We have a great tutorial service in campus which called Student Academic Consulting Center(SACC). However, they provide ther service within 9:00 AM~ 8:00 PM. It is longer than normal office hours however, if student have a full time job, it is still difficult to get help from them.

I heard that they have multimedia resources, which is instructional videos.
If they provide these videos online. it will help student to improve their academic performance.

III. Club Webpage

We have more than 150 clubs in campus. I am able to search what kind of clubs we have through Baruch Collge webpage. However, I only get the description of club. I could not find what kind of activities they do and done. It will be great if college provide official webpage for each club.(I believe some of clubs have their own individual webpage). And provide links at the club list page. (

Old v. New Media

I. Interactivity vs One Way

New media provide interactivity. Publisher and publics are able to communicate through webpages. Publics are able to post their opinion and thought so that people are freely exchange their opinions. However Old Media provide only one way communication. Publics are able to only watch and listen what the publisher said and they are not able to response them.

II. Mass media & New Media

Old Media was able to control by organization such as gorvenment. However, there are less limitation in New Media. Still the organization are able to watch what people are doing and control, but they have to watch people 7/24. There are less controll by these organization.

III. Online vs Offline

New Media technology depends on computer&internet technology. We call these technologies are online and computer related media. Old Media refered to offline media, such as newspaper, magazines, references, TV and Radio. These media are using not computer related technology.

IV. New Media Ad vs Old Media Ad

New Media ad are such as banner, email or video clips on the webpage. If the viewer interested in ad. They simply click on the ad so that they are able to get more information about the product. On the other hand, Old Media AD is such as new paper ad, TV commercial and radio commercials. If people interested in the product, they have to memorize the product name and search for more product information.

V. Search

New Media are mostly digital media and it is on the web site. so that people are easy to search what they are looking for. Old Media are mostly off line, such as paper & analog recorded meterails. Therefore, if people want to search the media, they have to go to library to find the media(information).

VI. Publishers

Old Media publishers are mostly professional people, such as jornalist, broadcasting PD. However, New Media are able to be created by anyone.

VII. Anonymity

New Media publisher are able to abuse anonymity. People are easily hide their Identity. On the other hand, Old Media publishers have to clarify their Identity.